How To Mine Bitcoin/Ethereum & Make Money 2023 Guide! (Setup In less than 10 Minutes)

The price of ethereum at the time of publishing this article is sitting around $1600  per coin right now and every single day you can be mining ethereum and then selling it for a profit and in this article, You will learn exactly how you can actually go and set up and start mining bitcoin/Ethereum successfully.

In this article you will learn how to mine crypto and then you can actually sell that for money it’s kind of like passive income and you can make money every single day by actually doing this. This is going to be a super quick guide perfect for beginners with no confusing or coding and you can have this done and set up in less than 10 minutes the biggest problem with tutorials on how to mine Bitcoin/ethereum is that a lot of them require complicated stuff doing all this crazy stuff that even i don’t understand sometimes and i found the best way that’s really easy and beginner friendly and this guide on mining crypto will show you exactly how you can go and get set up right now within 10 minutes to mine crypto so make sure you stay tuned

Step 1

the first step is very simple you want to go to google and put in the best ethereum wallets and then click on this link here or one of these other links down here and these will give you the best ethereum wallets now you need a wallet to store your ethereum in let me explain to you a couple of things here the ledger nano x and the ledger nano s these are called hardware wallets and these will hold your coins offline so they are a lot safer these are more advanced but i would recommend getting one of these at some stage if you don’t have them already if you want to hold your coins on and this is also a hardware  wallet as well

now if you want to actually hold your coins on your desktop and on your mobile this is a great wallet here called atomic wallet now with the ledger and stuff like that the more safer options you can also view your coins on your desktop but your coins are on the blockchain and stuff so it’s a lot safer and harder for people to get your coins if you have one of these but to keep this tutorial simple just go and download a desktop and mobile wallet if you are new to this and this is what we’re going to use to get our ethereum address.

so you need some sort of wallet where you can get your coins sent to from your mining machine however you’re mining it whether you’re mining it with a single Crypto mining software or with a mining rig now.

Step 2

now let’s move on to the next step go and find yourself a wallet to download if you’re a complete beginner and you don’t have one yet i recommend the atomic wallet or Trust wallet for now and then to be more safe for later on when you’ve got some more money buy a ledger nano for a safer option the

step 3

next step is you want to go to and what you can do is you can see how much money you will make per day from your device. You can use what of the best crypto mining softwares which can make 0.4 to 05 BTC per day. Very simple equation to work out so this price is for one installation. Multiply it by several number of PC you intend to use it for and you can make a lot much more per day.

now the next step you want to head over to and you want to scroll down and there’s a list of applications. Buy and download the windows mining software so and then install it on your computer .

Step 4

want to leave everything like that and you want to go to add worker this is literally the best way to set all this up because it’s all done for you it’s very simple to do now you can donation tab will go away and your address will be in here now you will need to create your own address from your wallet once you’ve done that paste it on the software and then click save that is all you need to do at this section

It’s very easy to use and user friendly once you’ve installed the software on your device. you are ready to start mining crypto. You can see your pure profit on the software dashboard. that’s all you need to do now all you need to do is you then need to go and start the software on your computer just start it up and it’ll automatically start and then the little green thing  will come on when it shows it online so if you go to work up all the stats will come up

Step 5

simply open up the software on your computer and it will start doing everything for you you don’t need to touch anything and what will happen is you’ll see that the little icon  will be on and you can click on stats and it’s got all the information that you need so it shows literally everything how much you making per day the amounts of watts that’s it’s using and all that sort of stuff


Amongst the various crypto mining applications that can be used to mine crypto by just installing the software and running it on your application, this one is rated as the most profitable bitcoin mining software. The best part about the software is that its available for mobile devices too. You can mine on your PC while mining on your mobile device too.

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