5 Ways To Recover a Private Key.

5 Ways To Recover a Private Key.

If you have a hardware wallet and you lose it, your funds will be inaccessible. If you forget your private key and cannot access your bitcoins, they will be permanently gone. You can recover these bitcoins with a backup or private key recovery phrase that is only known to the user. Here are some tips for recovering lost bitcoins with a backup or private key recovery phrase.


As most people know, I run a bitcoin service called UnsungLabs. I provide a full service wallet and assist in recovery of private keys. I frequently receive emails from people who are trying to recover their private keys or lost bitcoin. Here is a list of how they generally have gone wrong:

1. Forgetting Your Bitcoin Address.

Many people set up a bitcoin address that is just for this reason. If you forget it, you have no access to your private key. Some users also forget the passphrase associated with their private key. The resulting theft often occurs from the following step:

The person is signing up for some service, gets some bitcoins, and they go to log into their online bitcoin wallet. They only remember their bitcoin address because they use it for other things.

2.Recovering a private key

There are several ways to recover your lost private key:

Open your computer to its desktop and copy the bitcoin address you were using to access your private key. Press the option key and scroll to the bottom. Copy the bitcoin address. Go to wallet. Bitcoin.org – Find the highest reward address. See where you’ve sent the bitcoins. Paste the private key you just copied on to the “Close and Secure” tab. Select “Restore Digital Wallet to Old Address” and enter the address of the old wallet, using “trust the transaction” as the transaction type. Click “Restore Digital Wallet to Old Address.” Your private key should show up as a confirmation when your wallet has been restored.

3.Recovering with a backup

Use a USB pen drive that can be plugged into your computer and your private key will be written to it. Also, a backup pen drive will generally have a USB-C connector. You can transfer it to your computer and then it will work with the software wallets.

Using a USB cable that can be plugged into your computer, you can transfer it to a desktop USB flash drive and it will work with the software wallets. You can connect the flash drive to your computer through the USB cable, and then you can copy it to the folder that you have created for your private key recovery phrase.

It is advisable to keep a backup somewhere safe that you can get to easily if something happens to your computer, flash drive, or pen drive.

4.Recovering with a recovery phrase or software

If you do not have a hardware wallet, it is still possible to recover your lost private key with a recovery phrase. When you use the phrase, the keys will be recovered from the seed and then sent to the seed. Therefore, when you use the recovery phrase, you are starting over. However, you will have to make sure you know the bitcoin address to which you will send the message. There is a standard recovery phrase that every public key recovery phrase implementation uses, but this can be difficult to remember.

The recovery phrase protocol has many implementations. The choice of how to recover the key is based on the bitcoin protocol version (4 or later) and also the BIP50 opcode. See this article for a list of bitcoin keys including BIP50 opcodes and a full list of Bitcoin keys.

If you want to a private key recovey software to recover your lost/stolen bitcoins.You need to download the software to your device and run the recovery process using your public keys/Wallet address  and the software will generate the keys and you will be able to import the new private keys and start spending again.


There are many tools to help you stay safe and stay on top of the latest bitcoin technology. It is important to know how to keep your bitcoin safe and how to recover lost bitcoins. If you have any suggestions or questions about this article, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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